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  • charlottegray10 Raises $9.5M in Seed Funding for All-in-One HR & Finance Suite (dba Every), the all-in-one back office stack for startups, today announced its coming out of stealth alongside $9.5 million in seed funding. The round was led by Base10, with participation from Y Combinator, Formus Capital and Rex Salisbury's Cambrian Ventures. Every provides bank accounts, corporate cards, bill payments, corporate treasury, HR, payroll, benefits, accounting, and taxes all in one platform, allowing founders to save time and money. Following their successful launch in YC's S23 batch, Every hit $1M ARR in 6 months and grew to 75 customers.

Every was founded by serial entrepreneur, Rajeev Behera, who previously raised $100M for his last venture, Reflektive, in the HR B2B SaaS space, scaling it to 250 employees.

The inspiration came from Behera's experience as the founding CEO at Reflektive, noting "When I started my last company, I made a lot of costly errors setting up my back office. Founders just want to focus on building. They don't have time to learn complex subjects like payroll, taxes and accounting."

For this reason, on top of being a platform, Every provides not just a great suite of products, but also top notch professional services. Founders get a dedicated accountant and payroll specialist for expert guidance, who can provide support filing state taxes, choosing the best healthcare plan and creating a custom treasury management plan that maximizes yield and fund safety.

"We had some complicated situations with paying our contractors, and Every handled them super well. We were literally set up within an hour for contractors and within a day for W2 payroll," George Wang, Co-Founder and CEO at Stellar Sleep (YC S23).

"As a founder, the last thing I need is to be thinking about all these details. Finding a single trusted source to handle all of them (well + efficiently), so I can focus on our customers & product is so valuable." - Luke Groesbeck, Co-Founder and CEO at Foundation (YC S23).

Every's AI automates workflows across it's highly integrated product suite saving founders time and money while delivering a superior experience. For example, Every's in-house general ledger sits across banking, payroll and treasury allowing the Bookkeeper AI to seamlessly pull and automatically categorizes transaction data, delivering bookkeeping at 50% the cost of competitors.

"We are thrilled to lead this seed funding round and are excited how Every is leveraging AI to reimagine the full back office stack to simplify complex workflows so they are more founder friendly," said Rexhi Dollaku, General Partner at Base10 Partners. "We look forward to partnering with Every as they continue to save founders hundreds of hours managing Finance and HR."

To learn more or sign up for a demo, check out the website at

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