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Former Studio Chief Michael Nathanson Appointed Rewilding America Now CEO/Managing Director

Rewilding America Now (RAN), a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving America's wild horses and promoting innovative environmental conservation practices, has announced the appointment of former Hollywood studio chief Michael Nathanson as their new CEO and Managing Director. With over four decades of broad experience as a chief executive in the motion picture and entertainment industry, Nathanson brings his award-winning passion for storytelling, business acumen and expertise to the organization as he stewards its rebranding and new initiatives.

"I am honored and excited to join Rewilding America Now and lead their mission to protect and preserve America's native landscape and wild horses," said Nathanson. "This is one of those rare opportunities where we can apply our trade to something with a much higher calling, one that will make a difference."

Nathanson's appointment comes at a crucial time for Rewilding America Now, formerly known as the CANA Foundation. The organization has successfully led the way for innovative wild horse rewilding, conservation awareness, and the inclusion of traditional knowledge through Native American Culture. RAN has been actively working towards a groundbreaking next step in the world of conservation. RAN is in the process of acquiring 400,000 acres of grazing lands in the Birch Creek Valley of Idaho to rewild.

RAN continues its dedicated efforts to preserving and rewilding America's wild horses, which are facing numerous threats such as habitat loss, overgrazing, and roundups by the Bureau of Land Management. Under Nathanson's leadership, the organization hopes to spearhead the way for a sustainable future committed to preserving wild horses, restoring ecosystems, and championing climate stewardship.

 As a leader in the entertainment industry, Nathanson has overseen and participated in every facet of the industry, from operational and production aspects to development, marketing, and distribution, often handling annual budgets of one billion dollars. He has previously served as chairman or president of three major motion picture companies and studios including MGM, Columbia Pictures, and New Regency. Michael has produced numerous acclaimed films, including the Academy Award®-winning LA Confidential and the Academy Award-nominated Hell or High Water. Notably, he played a pivotal role in the rejuvenation and management of both the James Bond, Pink Panther, and Legally Blonde franchises.  

Nathanson's journey takes an exciting new turn as he assumes the role of Managing Director/CEO at Rewilding America Now. His first spotlight will be Rewilding Idaho, an ambitious and vital project set in Birch Creek, Idaho, to create a wildlife corridor that will enlarge Yellowstone National Park all the way to the Idaho wilderness area. This project is comprised of purchasing and protecting over 55 miles of grazing lands where the wild horses live with America's iconic wildlife. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that has never been attempted before and is the cornerstone of RAN's mission today.  

"The acquisition and completion of Rewilding Idaho is crucial to the future of conservation in North America, an initiative that I have become dedicated to accomplishing," says Nathanson.

"Michael's passion for environmental conservation and wild horses makes him the perfect fit for Rewilding America Now," says Manda Kalimian, Founder and president of Rewilding America Now. "Rewilding is a key component for conserving ecosystems and natural habitats, and protecting native species is critical to our survival. Wild horses play a key role in creating rewilding initiatives. They are a species native to North America and are going to help us build grasslands to capture carbon and be the leader in climate breakdown initiatives."

For more information about Rewilding America Now and its mission, please visit their website at

About Rewilding America Now (RAN)The mission at Rewilding America Now is to conserve and restore the North American landscape through innovative rewilding initiatives, with a focus on wild horses as a keystone species. Using science-backed research and partnerships with tribal nations and incorporating traditional ecological knowledge, RAN advocates for public policy that protects wild horses and native lands, and allocates new resources for breakthrough rewilding projects. Rewilding America Now is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Follow Rewilding America Now on Instagram  Facebook  X (formerly Twitter)  YouTube

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