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Validated Insights Expands Its Services with the Acquisition of Market Research Consultancy 32EDU

Validated Insights,Inc, a leading advertising agency specializing in higher education, is delighted to announce its strategic acquisition of 32EDU, a prominent higher education market research company. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in expanding Validated Insights' program and market research capabilities.

Validated Insights, Inc strategic acquisition of 32EDU enhances their capabilities, fostering innovation and excellence for their clients and the industry at large.

The Synergy and Future Vision: Validated Insights, Inc works with institutions and higher ed innovators to support their growth, which often involves strategic planning. Acquiring 32EDU will enable Validated Insights, Inc to better help clients with programmatic assessments, competitive research, market and audience analysis, institutional assessment and custom research requests. This strategic acquisition will give Validated Insights, Inc and its clients up-to-date industry insights needed to continue improving.

Leadership Comments: Yelena Shapiro, founder and CEO of Validated Insights, Inc, said the acquisition will enable the two companies to create a higher ed marketing research powerhouse. "32EDU is known for its Online Program Manager (OPM) and other higher education industry reports, as well as its comprehensive market research consulting for higher ed. We look forward to welcoming the 32EDU team to Validated Insights, Inc and expanding our market research practice. Being able to review program portfolios, provide market analysis and integrate industry insights is critical to strategic planning in higher education. Validated Insights, Inc has always focused on delivering results for our clients and these added capabilities will make us even stronger."

Brady Colby, the founder and CEO of 32EDU, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "We are excited to join forces with Validated Insights. Validated Insights has a clear reputation for excellence in assisting colleges and universities in their digital marketing efforts, and we believe that 32EDU's research and strategy efforts provide the perfect complement. Validated Insights produces best-in-class campaigns, and we look forward to augmenting that with best-in-class market research capabilities as well."

About Validated Insights: Validated Insights is a higher education agency focused on providing the marketing horsepower educational institutions and industry innovators need to succeed. With a reputation built on consistently outperforming other agencies and the market, Validated Insights, Inc has played a pivotal role in growing enrollments and shaping branding strategies for numerous higher education institutions, OPMs and ed tech companies.

About 32EDU: Founded in 2019, 32EDU has earned recognition for its comprehensive market research services, specializing in the online higher education sector. The company's focus on delivering actionable insights has helped educational institutions and educational technology providers gain a deeper understanding of market trends, student needs, and industry dynamics.

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