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TradeFlow Capital Management advances collaborations with Obligate through further USDC-denominated eNote™ issuances

Singapore-based Fintech-powered Fund management firm TradeFlow Capital Management (TradeFlow) is proud to announce the successful issuance of four  AA-rated eNotes through Obligate, the leading on-chain capital markets platform.

The eNotes totaling over USD 3m were issued in the previous 6 months with tenors of up to 6 months. These USDC-denominated bonds launched on Polygon leverage Obligate's eNote framework, ensuring a legally compliant and globally acceptable standard for digital securities.      

Through these issuances the USD TradeFlow Fund achieves an optimization and diversification of its financing sources accessing new sources of capital in a flexible manner. Further innovative products tracking the performance of the TradeFlow Funds will be launched soon. 

Dr. Tom James, CEO of TradeFlow stated: "As TradeFlow enters the 7th successful year of our USD Fund, this development testifies to the robustness of our business strategies, combining the best of asset-backed commodities trade with the latest advances in FinTech to deliver even greater value and returns to our investors."

Tobias Wohlfarth, Head of Origination at Obligate, commented: "We are pleased to advance our partnership with TradeFlow Capital Management, the investment advisor to the Trade Flow Funds, to further prove Obligate's capability to innovatively expand the financing options for funds. We look forward to achieving more milestones with TradeFlow in the near future."

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