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Hartree Partners’s green venture to supply low-carbon energy in the UK

The venture seeks to finance and build renewable power generation

Hartree Partners has launched a green venture to supply low-carbon energy to UK businesses, media reports said. The venture seeks to finance and build renewable power generation. These will include solar or wind for energy consumers in the country.

Adam Lewis, a partner at Hartree, told the media, Everyone wants to go green and everyone wants cheaper bills, but the two don’t generally go hand in hand. Hartree Solutions…not only lowers their energy costs but also provides a pathway to a greener future.”

Hartree Partners was established by a group of partners from Goldman Sachs. To promote low-carbon energy, the company will start a new unit to build renewable plants to supply emissions-free electricity for UK customers.

In fact, Adam Lewis, who is leading Hartree Solutions, told the media, “Companies have set their green targets and they come to us asking how they can make it happen. The emphasis is on transition. It might not be possible for some companies to be 100% green today but with the tools available we can make them as green as possible.”

It appears that supply low-carbon electricity for companies is more profitable. The company will start the renewable plants in the country and eventually seek to expand across the continent.

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