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GovExec Unveils the Top Nine Leading Brands of 2023

GovExec, the leading sales and marketing intelligence company for government leaders and contractors, is proud to announce the results of its annual Leading Brands 2023 study with the top nine performing brands in this year's study. Already a go-to source for brand awareness in the public sector, this year's findings build on its previous traditional business development insights by adding a new "customer satisfaction" category.

Marking its ninth annual publication, Leading Brands was created to provide the companies that serve the public sector with critical data to make better-informed decisions regarding product development, business development, and marketing. It has evolved into the largest government decision-makers study capturing the priorities and perceptions of buying teams across civilian and defense agencies, and has become an important tool for public sector brands, allowing them to measure brand awareness.

"Understanding how a brand is positioned in the market is, and will continue to be, important, especially in relation to one's peer companies," said Aaron Heffron, President of Research and Forecasting for GovExec. "But brand awareness is an incomplete measure of performance. Ultimately, how a brand delivers on its promise—product delivery and client satisfaction—determines a brand's success in the public sector."

New this year, the 2023 study was broken down into two categories to compare companies within their competitive set better. Categories include:

  • Business and Consulting Services, System Integrators, and Technology Service Providers

  • Defense Contractors and Manufacturers

After gathering information from subscribers on top-level brand awareness, willingness to work with the vendor again, and satisfaction with deadlines, problem-solving, responsiveness, and more, the following nine companies were determined to be the Leading Brands of 2023 in Business and Consulting Services, System Integrators, and Technology Service Providers (in alphabetical order):

  • Accenture

  • Adobe

  • Cisco

  • Google Cloud

  • IBM

  • Intel

  • Microsoft

  • Verizon

  • Zoom

This year's study examined two components of success, brand familiarity/prospect favorability and customer satisfaction/loyalty. In order to determine these measurements, Leading Brands mapped the mindshare and general perceptions of companies serving the federal market among all of those working in defense and civilian agencies. They highlighted the companies with the most effective service, including an assessment of the likelihood that customers would recommend companies for future work.

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